About me

My name is Tony Tran

(as it says on the tin; by tin I mean website, and by website, there is no tin.  M a g i c.)

I am an Australian-based artist proficient in illustration, graphic design, and motion design.

I've been experimenting with art styles, blending ideas/themes; by mimicking traditional mediums and crossing it with digital techniques.

A love for TTRPG and small press. (Folks I've interacted with so far have been really great so far and very welcoming! Thank you all.)

I have an affinity for the odd, the strange and the weird

Games I've done artwork: 

Pilgrimage of the Sun guard by Amanda P

ERRANT by Kill Jester Games

Banda Grove by Pandion Games

Verse the last Blade by Katamoiran

Moriah by Urania Games

DIVE by Jeremy Childrey

Graves & Groves (DCC Compatible Zine) by BIG SWORD

Toilet stall graffiti : 

Campaign of Tears

If you are not familiar with @mrcattears / www.mrcattears.com

It is a personal art project which is where I explore art styles, themes, strange ideas and create vignettes of those pieces, nine square tiles at a time and a throughline of worldbuilding.

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