2021 – The neu Beginning

September 15, 2021
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Hello 2020 - took me years to chip away at this and planning to finish it by Dec 2020.
Lets see how it goes. 

(Past me in 2020)

Famous last word, as this was the intent for the website upgrade which never happened. So the strange thing about this is the motivation to pick this up again one the same month of last year, which was not intended as I totally forgot about this post. So to a new start.

// edit: I was going to overwrite the old post, but thought I'd keep it as a time capsule post.

(I wonder if I can compose a blog post within MarkDown, which I've been used to currently for my digital writing.)

Okay. New start.


The Beginning

Going to start blogging again, or at least keep this as a habit to track what I am doing - research and experimentation in the fields that interest me at the point in time of the post.

The end. Going to spend the rest of the week doing my todo list before I fiddle around with WP settings.


Marie Kondo - That Spark Joy In Your Life

Yes. Yes it does.

What I've been listening to: HDK - Dungeon Synth.
Super inspiring to work to and as I'm getting deep into TTRPG:

Instgram bio:
DIY label focused on ambient punk, dungeon-synth, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by creative punx from Milano city



Note: Look into markdown plug-in


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