Dungeon23 and the year to come

December 22, 2022
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almost the end of year, and so begins another cycle.
I'm not entirely sure what to do with this website. The traditional route is posting my portfolio. But I think I'll try keeping this up as nice spot to share my interest and TTRPG of course.

I've been accustomed to putting creative output on rented land., but the migration back to more self-owned is shifting. Social media has it's place - I think the psychological engineering is quiet messed up and how that data feeds back into making a voodoo doll version of us to market to; BUT this is a strange rant to go down. I am hopeful that this change spurs on more independent endeavours. We don't need to capture the hearts of all - just enough (and that is up to you).

Where was I …. Also will edit this later, just going to hit the ol' publish button and hope my dyslexia hasn't made me sound like a poop emoji.

Dungeon23 // Aparagus23

I'm going to participate in dungeon 23, I won't repeat what most already know, but I'll copy paste a snippet from what I post on the many socials; as I won't try re-write it (again).

Here is my inner page for Asparagus23 - a forest mega dungeon I’m going to try tackle at the start of the year. It’s a #dungeon23 project. Which won’t need no introduction. (link for those curious) Props to Sean McCoy (Game designer of Mothership)

The setting will be set around CAIRN. Also revamping my website to do a weekly update for it … but probably fortnightly for sanity.

keeping it quite loose, no rules - just using this as a chance to learn, practice writing, and an excuse for up-keeping a blog.

There could be a sunflower hat in it.

So here is to the revival of this website/blog and will start uploading my art/TTRPG projects.

Projects to finish

I also have a few old and new projects to come, thanks for those who have been patiently waiting (or forgot) and those who have brough me into new projects for 2023!

A big apologies to those who paid me for that "Duckworth game" in ZIMO 2022. I'm still in the game to make this happen in 2023 and forgo ZIMO 2023 (maybe), but will throw in some things to make up for lost time.

2023 the year of the ducks, and speaking of ducks.


I've been listening to a new podcast: Between Two Cairns
hosted by Yochai Gal and Brad Kerr - A podcast that reviews RPGS with a duo that is unmatched in knowledge and comedic timing. They also keeping this free! but there is a patreon - there could be stickers in the works, but it is just an entry in the rumor table at the moment. But their logo has a duck in it - this has my backing.

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