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November 15, 2022
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Ah … hello old friend.
WordPress has been an on and off again relationship for me. Much like social media itself. The healthiest transition that I've taken away from decades of web surfing is … understanding that the algorithm as a tool is okay, but not okay when you think your it's systemically programed to to get you hooked.
Recent months I've waned off the media platforms and recharged myself elsewhere - don't get me wrong. The internet is sick (in a cool way, not the negative use of sick.) and has its place, but staying online for too long, blurs the lines of fun/learning to addiction and FOMO.

Anyway, a little rusty on the ol' writing, I come to it with no topics, more of a free flow and massage it from there. I'm actually writing this on a notepad to have less distractions; no editing and styling in mind until later - though there is heaps of red lines as I've misspelt 30% of my words and dyslexia has its hands on my sentence structure, so I'll have to definitely re-read and hope I don't skip words.

Affinity V2

The state of software. most are now in the subscription status but the people at Serif are not, and currently still do a one-off payment which I admire. Not sure how financially sustainable it is for the team there but must be working some how, which is a good thing. One less thing they is taken out every month or year makes me a happy camper; though it really comes down to at a macro scale, but also its infinite. hm….. (insert thinking statue here)

Thinking Statue (inserted) + rounded

Having all the software all in one payment is great. By all, you get all of the Affinity suite: Designer, Photo and Publisher. On all the platforms! Windows, Mac and iOS. This was the biggest selling point for me to make the jump before the 40% deal goes out.

A cool thing about these program is that imported images are automatically set to non-destructive. Strange thing - with Designer folder is called layer, which allows orphan layers to be parented to that layer. More akin to illustrator.

More ramblings.

The point of this exercise was to get things out of my head without too much structure. Also to test my image ratios on this blog. I guess this is a dummy post to break the ice to be honest. So… here is an illustration of a black cat I've made done with my XP Deco - MW - Bluetooth - I'll end it there.

Have a great day!

Note: Oh hey, Markdown works here. Nice.

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