Mental Purge and recorded offerings to The Swamp Altar

March 31, 2024
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Alright alright alright, so first entry proper for the end of the month. - I have some life updates and mental purging.

Edit: I'll start with a mental purge first, then life updates since it's a bit longer now since I've drafted this ... and now that I drafted - I think I might do this at the end of every month...? maybe.

Part of improving my mental health is to write more. Whether it be part of TTRPG or just general life things, so I'll be using this website for that. An all-encompassing space for me to cultivate ideas and record things that come to pass in this life.

So… let us cast into your mind's eye….

The offering of Fruit:

Ceremony Fruits; something that's on, things need to be done sooner than later

Solo Actual Play Log.

I've made a new page that will record my thinking through media and solo games - here
Still needs work but making space to do this on the reg'

A Recommend Me Something and Wishlist

A page… for the above title … not sure? maybe.. pinned; to think about since time could be limited this year.

On work / Availability - Is back on the menu

Commissions of April are open! Got most of my life things at a stable/manageable spot.
Hit me up on emails or Discord (338143260826664960), Discord is the only thing I regularly check these days. You can message through socials but I don't have any notifications for that … though I am posting daily so I probably catch the message if I'm walking those dark social streets.

I do need to do those artist commission posts, but I cannot be bothered tbh. Though I am getting interest from my daily artwork (part of my life update section) so we'll see.

Resonate is out soon!

Big shoutout to Amanda P for bringing me on board for this adventure. It connected me to folks at Space Penguin Ink- helmed by Jarrett Crader.; and a great circle of people - very exciting projects in the pipeline.

Check check check them out:

Think that's the most recent things for the fruit offerings, now to place some incense.

The offering of Mental Purge Incense:

Small sticks that burn in time; a reminder of things to do or let go of.

  • Restart my newsletter - run on Pencilbooth.
  • Continue exporting "The melancholy tappings of the swamp wombat" back to my blog; thinking about housing on land we own ourselves + already paying for web hosting so… yes.
  • Webrings of cool folks; need to look up how this is done again, but I might just make a page and build it manually without overthinking on the how.
  • Resume unfinished Business - Folks I've worked with, I owe some unfinished work so stay tuned.
  • Cairn 2e is up for kickstarter, backed; free dungeon is available, so adding that to my playlist.
  • Yochai also released a free adventure - CAS-2: Rise of the Blood Olms
  • The Substratum Protocol is on backer kit, need to back my next pay; very cool roll out from Andy @ Pandiongames - so need to check that out; also adding to my playlist.
  • Lurking on blogs again.
  • Solo TTRPG but going in blind rather than looking things up, then documenting that process.
  • Bought Munkao Adventure; Stirring the Hornet's Nest at Het Thamsya ; Will be my first delve into the solo AP space.
  • Try out Patreon
  • Look into INPRINT
  • Upload my daily art practice, delayed upload to IG
  • Finish video/animation for accessibility of Cairn rules. 1E now, I think.
  • Keep this up.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Installed imagemagick - made some batch commands to dither and compress work. Good stuff. Highly rec - might do a write-up and share the code.

Life updates - End of March

Themes: Mental health, housing, therapy, autism, alternative health

It felt like I was in a hyperbolic chamber for a hot minute. A depression of sleep; flux, spiralling and wrestling to get my mental health and life in a stable state. This has been happening since 2022 till Jan 2024. Lots of things fell off - lots of masking. Lots of things were reviewed during that time.

But the good news is I'm in a good spot. I've got settled in a new rental, and for some background, we've almost moved out (due to owners selling). So the family has been in and out of housing for almost a decade…ish - The longest stay was about 2 1/2 years at a spot. I think this one will last for at least 3 years but it's a huge chunk out of the pay, so we'll need to balance this out with… even more work.

That was one part sorted; Home security. The next part is part two: mental, so I got two things done for that. One, an adult ASD (autism spectrum disorder) test was done. I pushed this off due to finance; I say that but I think I felt it was fine, but it got to a point in my life was better to know than to guess, and then build around facts than speculation. Results: Yes - High functional but have some quirks. Most of the things I've learnt over time to manage. so that was doc approved and said to keep it up.
Knowing that I fall in a spectrum has given me more space and finding new ways to work with it. So that was one big boulder lifted.

Two - Going to Kinesiologist.

What's that?
Well… here's a copy/paste summary:

Kinesiology uses non-invasive scientific techniques to maintain health in the physical body, emotional self and spiritual aspects of our lives. Kinesiology uses the premise that the body can heal itself given the right environment. › what-is-kinesiology

For context & background, I don't do Western medicine. No drugs; I've been it before and felt like it was a Band-Aid for me personally. Not to say it didn't help at the time, it did - but I had to detox the meds out of my system + focus on a holistic approach. Getting to the root cause of the problem/issue. It's an alternative form of therapy, so I'm a big advocate for that. Anyway...

So going to a place where you can be face to face, and talking about/working through root causes makes a huge difference. The intention was to fix my brain function and mood; the session really was something. Revisiting past and present things; making a game plan - which has shifted my perspective; which then allowed me to move forward a lot more in life. So that's a plus. This is I guess not for everyone, but if your opened to it, and been stuck in a depression black hole like me; I'd vouch for it.

The big takeaway and the game plan was going into art again, but regularly putting it into my life. We discussed introducing it in small ways. A recommended of spending is only 3-10 minutes doing some creative outlet every day. I knew this would help me, I just wasn't in the space to action it; never found the time or an excuse that I never had time. What's 3 minutes out of your day? I'm sure everyone has that right???

So after the session, I started making daily artwork; and go figure - My mental health started to improve, and motivation started to spark again. This was compounded with the actions above as well, so it's not only doing an art practice alone, but everything stewing into the soup of "I'm okay now"

This involves more illustration, writing, and exploring other interests like coding, animation and 3D.

That's my life update, I think it's neat to record it, small artefacts floating in web space until the hosting server implodes, and all we have is faint memories and the friends made along the way.


Celestial Light Leaks

Thoughts that have come to mind, no space or place. gone tomorrow.

I'm gonna find out the truth when I get back

Lyrics from The Strokes - Ode To The Mets

My break in case of emergency - Draft

  • Step away
  • Hydrate
  • Do something that brings you joy; creative outlet minimum, 3 minutes
  • Walk outside
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Write
  • Draw
  • Connect
  • Explore interests
  • Pet Appreciation
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