Valt & potato cat

April 14, 2024
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Pondering on keeping the creative flame going. I've been doing daily sketches on the iPad but it's becoming more of habit, the a pinch of purpose involved. So this morning I've opened an old sketchbook I had last year - used mainly as a scratchpad to write chores I need to do in life. but made the choice to draw/doodle/scribble to have another brain dump inbox. might help me with the pressure of coming up with something for the daily sketches, even though the pressure is low as it's a prison I created for myself. I have the key to escape.

Long winded bricks of words to say, that I think I stumbled upon a theme/characters I want to make into a webcomic or TTRPG adjacent thing.

Valt & potato cat. very loose style, with strange amorphous characters and world. Rooted in the trope of adventure / classic swords and sorcery perhaps.... but I just enjoyed doodling these characters, and having a potato cat is the main thing that won me over.

That's it. I'll develop it more in time. Maybe here. maybe at my other house - maybe in secret.

Fade-into-the-hedges last message: I still need to finish writing up my solo play-through! I got distracted with work and rabbit holes. [Fade to black]

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